The LUXE Collection is Unique

The LUXE phone case is not only the most luxurious phone case on the market, it is also 3 times more protective than other cases.

Shockproof and Anti-Fall

Thanks to reinforced edges and elastic soft silicone material, it prevents your iPhone from impact and scratches. It also has a built-in flannelette for added protection.

Ring holder

The ring has a 360° rotation and 180° flip which can be used to watch movies, or carry the phone even when your hands are full. 

Camera Protection and Raised Bezels

More protection for your screen and camera – thanks to raised 0.5mm bezels. You can get the protection you need for your phone in the styles you love.

Magnetic Support

The circular design on the back not only looks stunning but is also magnetic, which allows you to use your phone in the car as a navigator while you are driving.

And simply just gorgeous

Beautiful, versatile and fashionable. And always with you in your pocket to remind you how beautiful life can be.

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